With the rise in the usage of digital hand-held devices, internet access is easy and simple. This has led to the complexity of supporting technology to enhance UX on mobile devices.

We, at RankPen SEO, provide above par solutions to your mobile SEO needs. From planning to implementation to execution, we optimize your website for better user experience and improving your appearance in the search results of major search engines like Google and Bing. With our mobile SEO services, your website stands the best chance to receive mobile user traffic.

Mobile SEO

Why Mobile Search Engine Optimization?

Every second hundred of queries are been typed and searched in mobile devices. This has led to an incessant increase in the access of websites by mobile users.

The most important difference in the regular search and mobile search is the make and build of the websites that are optimized for responsive design on all devices. Also, search engines have a totally different algorithm for indexing mobile websites. Plus, the search engine can detect the location of mobile user and will show different results at different location, for the same query.

Therefore, your mobile website needs to be structured and optimized for better search ranking so that you receive a good amount of mobile user traffic seeking your services. For this, you need mobile SEO experts, who have the deep understanding of how the user behavior differs from PC to mobile and knows the effective way to optimize your website for search on various mobile platforms.

Why our Mobile SEO services?

We provide high-quality mobile SEO services that are necessary for a business to grow. With our mobile SEO experts, your website gets optimized for different platforms like Android, iOS, Blackberry, etc. This gives a competitive edge to your business. With above par mobile SEO solutions, we structure your website to meet the needs of mobile users.

We understand the importance to optimize your website from your business point of view and work seamlessly to achieve it. The websites optimized by us reach a wide audience that is mobile, opulent, business-oriented and genuine.

Why you should hire us?

  • We are experts in the mobile SEO domain. The continuous ascent in our customers validates the same.
  • We have experience of many years in the SEO domain and have been making our customers happy for long.
  • We focus on ROI of our customers giving them the benefit of reasonably low cost at the best return on their investment making them satisfied.
  • We provide full mobile SEO package that includes – mobile website design and development, structuring and optimization, local SEO and mobile SEO audits.

The websites we design and developed are structured for optimal viewing on mobile devices. The contents are engaging and provide quick and easy information to mobile users. The improved appearance of your website on the search result ensures huge traffic. All these factors combine together to provide a seamless user experience to your prospects.