People who ask me how to develop a niche site. How to make a good amount of profit by giving low labor. I have personally shared my methods to make a niche site for affiliate marketing. In this series, I will work with a live project and will try to show the detail how I create a niche site, and how I make it rank in search engine and finally how I monetize it. I have given a name of my project which is “Niche Amazon Affiliate Marketing.”

Mainly we will do Amazon Affiliation in this project. In this project, I will show you how to make $500+ from a little niche site.

Niche Site Amazon Affiliate Marketing Check List

1. Keyword research

If you want to make an affiliate based niche site, then you must choose a product based keyword. A good keyword can be your first successful step. You have to keep in mind that your keyword should be less SEO competition. How I research a keyword, you will get it in my Keyword Research section.

2. Competition analysis

After searching out the keyword, you have to verify its competition level. If the competition level is low then we can work on it and if it is in high competition then we will avoid it. We will learn all the method of competitor analysis here.

3. Selection of Domain

You have to buy a good quality domain. From where we can buy a domain name and which facts we will consider before buying a domain we will learn here.

4. Selecting Web Hosting

After buying a domain name you have to buy a web hosting for your niche site setup. A good quality hosting will be better make your site rank as well as site loading speed. Which hosting we will select and which consideration we have to maintain we will learn it in detail here.

5. Blog Setup (WordPress)

After taking domain hosting we will setup WordPress there to make an awesome blog. And will use some special plugin to do better affiliate marketing. In this section, we will learn how to make an affiliate friendly blog site.

6. Blog writing

After setting up the blog totally we will know how to write a great blog post and publish, how much word should be in the content in detail in content writing or blog writing section. If you are not a good content writer then where and how can you buy content and how can you manage a freelancer we will know in this part.

7. Search Engine Optimization

To make your affiliate niche blog ranking you have to make a proper SEO Plan. Here we will do on page SEO and off page SEO carefully by maintaining a check list. You will get the details about the plan in our SEO section.

8. Monetization

In this part, we will learn how to add an affiliate link in your blog content and how to masking an affiliate link. That’s mean how to monetize. You will learn it in detail in this part.

9. Email list building

There is a saying that “The money is in the list”. This section we will learn how to collect your visitor email, and how you will contact them and modify them to a buying customer.

10. Tracking

We will learn here how to track a visitor. Also, we will see the selling ratio of our product in this part. Overall from visitor to buyer tracking all we will learn here step by step.

11. Pay-out

We will learn how to cash out our commission in this part. And in which date of every month and when that money will reach in our account we will learn in detail.

Hope you like our niche amazon affiliate marketing series.