Professional Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) Services

To have well-directed traffic of online visitors is the least a business needs to survive in the web marketing domain of the present era. And to have strong omnipresence on the web is the only way to get direct most visitors to your website.

To appear on most of the search results that are performed on major search engines like Google and Bing, can prove to be a great tool for your internet marketing strategy.

Our Pay Per Click services is one of the most prominent PPC services in Bangladesh. With us, you can improve your web appearance significantly, getting more targeted traffic and in turn, increasing your business growth prospects considerably.

What is Pay Per Click Management Service?

Pay Per Click or PPC is a modern online marketing tool in which the ads of your business is placed on the search results of renowned search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. And when your ad gets clicked by visitors, you pay a fixed charge to the search engines for every such click.

Pay Per Click services position your business ads among other search results and gives a way for customers to reach you.

PPC management is a tool for an online promotional marketing strategy that we implement in order to get your business advertisements on to the search result pages of some prominent search engines.

From creation to implementation, we provide full PPC campaigns with efficient and effective ads for your business. The appealing advertisement draws most of the targeted traffic on the internet to your website.

Is PPC Management Service meant for your business?

There is no doubt that PPC is an important and effective web marketing tool. Though being an important and useful tool, availing PPC management services may require a high and constant budget. As the charge amount on per click basis, using a highly competitive keyword could be expensive for your business.

Investment in business must be made on the right prospect at the right time. That is why it is very crucial to determine whether or not the PPC management service is meant for you. Therefore, to receive the number of visitors you are expecting to visit your website, you need to have a fixed and unwavering budget.

If your business budget can meet the expenses of the PPC management then it can prove to be an effective and efficient tool for your business marketing campaign. But, it is also to be noted that the competitiveness of the keyword in the market determines the rate of PPC. Therefore, the costing of PPC campaign is subjected to market changes and may rise or fall accordingly.

In a nutshell, if your business can meet the budget of the desired traffic, then you should go for the PPC management services. It is a great marketing tool in search engine optimization, domain to receive expected amount of traffic that is targeted by the use of competitive keywords

Why Our PPC Management Services?

We provide high-quality PPC management services that are necessary for better growth prospects of a business. We constantly strive to create an effective pay per click management campaign for your valuable business. We understand the needs of your business and therefore, provide you the best of our PPC services. When you grow, we grow with you. Nothing satisfies us more than our satisfied customers.

We provide full support to your business by the way of PPC management services. From creation to planning, from set-up to execution and from management to maintenance, we offer a full Pay Per Click management campaign services for your growing business.

Our Service

The services we provide under Pay Per Click domain can be divided into the following two major heads.

Account Configuration

With thorough competitive analysis, we determine the competitors using the Pay Per Click services in the same business domain as that of yours. We narrow down the competitors investing the most in the PPC services. We also do analysis for the highest focused keywords of your business domain.

The analysis is done to determine certain aspects of PPC management. It helps us to determine the layout of PPC planning, where and how to get started, the estimated budget to place your ad on the search result page of major search engines and our suggestions to you on PPC campaign.

The ads we create for your business are made keeping the following things in mind:

  • The necessity of your business
  • The needs and wants of customers
  • The marketing needs of your business on a macro level for future prospects

The ads created, keeping the above aspects in mind, are effective and have the potential to convert a targeted online visitor into a loyal customer.

Google Analytics – We integrate Google Analytics to your business website and to your landing pages. Doing this helps us in tracking the performance of your PPC campaign, the traffic visiting your website via PPC campaign, out of them which are genuine and the number of visitors staying on your website and leaving the website after a few moments. Google Analytics is one such strong tool on the internet that can provide full support to a PPC management campaign.

Landing page – We also provide landing page optimization for your website. This gives us the opportunity to create an engaging page and to provide the most important information to your customers, at their very first.

Keyword Research and Analysis – We perform keyword research and analysis to determine those highly competitive keywords that can be vital to your business growth. Determining the keywords can help your business prosper considerably.

Maintenance and Support

We follow a standard procedure and set of rules to maintain and support our customer’s Pay Per Click campaign. The PPC management services we provide to your business gets our full and undivided maintenance and support. We concentrate on the expansion of the conversion rates and revenues of your business, making your overall budget the most optimum for a PPC campaign.

We also perform testing for landing pages that give us insight on the effectiveness of these pages among various customers and helps us to determine which design is best suited for your business domain.

The determination of new concepts and designs help us create much more effective landing pages.

Facebook/Twitter PPC Management Services

How can you use the internet resources for more strategic advantage? What is the other way to increase traffic on your website without using search engines? Which is a better and cheaper PPC management service?

The answer to all the above questions is PPC campaign management on the Social Networking platforms, like Facebook and Twitter.

At RankPen SEO , our team of Social Media experts offers Facebook/Twitter PPC management services to meet your personal business need of enhanced visibility among the relevant online users. We provide the best social PPC campaigns to increase your online presence on the social platforms. With your website appearing on top Facebook and Twitter, your business will be among thousands of online users who love to socialize on the virtual platform. This increases engagement of relevant and genuine users to your website and it receives more directed traffic.

Why Facebook/Twitter PPC Management?

Social Media is a platform on the internet world, where almost all online users come to socialize. Among them resides your prospects too. To be among them, in their conversation, comments, shares, and likes, is the demand of every industry.

“How to be on the social media page so that you have the maximum possibility to direct online visitors to your website?” is the main question. The answer is, Facebook/Twitter PPC Management service.

With Facebook/Twitter PPC Management, you get:

  • Wide Stream Of Traffic That Grows Exponentially
  • Relevant And Genuine Traffic
  • Better Opportunity Of Conversion
  • Enhanced Business Growth
  • Great Results
  • Better Benefits

Why Us?

RankPen SEO is a renowned name in the domain of social media PPC management services. At RankPen, we dedicate our resources to provide you with world-class Facebook/Twitter PPC campaign management service.

We provide effective social PPC campaign solutions to business enterprises around the globe. With us on your side, your website advertisements will appear on the relevant pages of top social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Our services

The advertisement we put on Facebook and Twitter pages is used to the strategic advantage of your business. It drives the traffic of social online users to your business website or Facebook/Twitter page. This inturn, increases the visibility of your brand and enhances its visibility exponentially.

Facebook PPC Management

With us, you get the following services under Facebook PPC management:

  • Full Facebook PPC Campaign Management
  • Market Niche Advertisements
  • Online Promotion Advertisements
  • Product Advertisements
  • Service Advertisements
  • Targeted Prospect Advertisements
  • Sponsored Advertisements
  • AD Scheduling
  • Google Analytics Integration And Interpretation

Twitter PPC Management

With us, you get the following services under Twitter PPC management:

  • Full Twitter PPC Campaign Management
  • Market Niche And Segment Advertisement
  • Advertisement Based On Geographic Segmentation
  • Advertisement Based On Keywords in Tweets
  • Responsive Designed Advertisement
  • Followers Based Advertisement
  • Self-Promoting Advertisement
  • Sponsored Advertisement
  • AD Scheduling
  • Total Conversion Analysis

Google Adwords Services

What is your strategy to increase online visibility? How do you plan to make your website appear on Google’s top SERPs? What can you do to match the top competitors of your domain in the war of online appearance?

RankPen SEO offers expert Google Adwords services to meet your business need of enhanced visibility. Our team of certified Google Adwords experts provides the best PPC campaigns to increase your online presence. With your website appearing on top of Google SERP, your business will be among the online users and your website will receive more directed traffic.

Why Google Adwords?

Google is the most sought search engine in the internet world today. To appear at top on the Google’s search engine result page, is the demand of niche. Plus, this is the only way to make high returns from your business.

The question is – “how to be on top page without worrying about website rank?” and the answer is Google Adwords.

With Google Adwords, you get:

Enhanced Traffic – When you appear on top then a wide stream of online users is directed to your website. This gives enhanced traffic to your website.

Better Traffic – As search result pages is outcome of a query typed on Google, your website gets listed only on relevant searches. In a way, the visitors to your website are your genuine future customers.

Higher Conversion – More the traffic on your website, higher is the conversion of visitors into customers.

More Growth – When you are positioned on top, you get better traffic, high conversion rate and hence more growth.

Great Results – With Google Adwords service, you will have only great results and nothing to lose.

Why Us?

RankPen is a renowned name in the domain of Google Adwords providing effective PPC campaign solutions to business organizations around the world. With us, your business website will appear on the top Google SERPs and will have more convertible traffic than ever before.

But the main question is, why you should choose us? And the answer is simple. We deliver what we promise and even more than that. You have many reasons to choose us. Of them following are the top ones.

Our Team

At RankPen, out team of expert search engine professionals has the skill and expertise to deliver world-class Google Adwords service that is customized for your particular business need.

We make our living with web solutions like PPC management and nothing makes us happy than our satisfied customers.

Our reward is to watch your business grow with us backing you.

Our Cost

You are familiar with the exchange rates of US and Bangladesh. This is the reason you get Adwords service at the most affordable rate available, with us.

Your Benefit

When you get assurance of world-class Adwords service from search engine expert team, at the most affordable price then it’s a win-win situation with our service and your benefit.

Our Services

  • AdWords Bid Management
  • AdWords Campaign Management
  • AdWords Marketing
  • Google AdWords Management
  • Keyword Research And Analysis
  • Ad Development
  • Help With AdWords
  • Competition Research
  • Landing Page Design, Optimization, And Alignment
  • Click Bidding
  • Total Conversion Analysis

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