Professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

SEO, abbreviated for Search Engine Optimization, is the way of improving the visibility of a particular website in prominent search engine’s unpaid search results. When a person searches for a term on a search engine, like Google, which relates to your website then your website gets listed in the search results appearing on a higher ranking.

There are many aspects on which a website’s search engine ranking depends. Generally, the search engines determine ranking of the website on the importance of search phrases that users type.

Our only objective is to give a better ranking to your website in the search results of the most popular web search engines so that your business can grow and prosper.

How does it Work?

To optimize a website for a particular search engine, there can be a number of approaches that can be implanted. With the proper use of skills and techniques of SEO the website can be optimized efficiently.

A good approach can make your website noticeable to the prominent search engines and will hence, raise your website’s ranking.

Making the use of a search engine algorithm and using the elements of on-page optimization and off-page optimization can significantly improve the appearance of a website in a search engine result.

What is in it for You?

A strong search engine optimization strategy will affect your business directly. It can be the most important decisive factor of your business growth.

By using SEO as a tool, one can enhance the search engine ranking position (SERP) of his/her business’ website significantly. SEO makes your website appear on a higher rank than before above all other competitors to your business. Due to this, the potential customers looking for the services in your business domain are likely to visit your website first as it appeared above all others.

All this leads to more and more traffic being directed to your website and your chances of turning them to potential customers increases exponentially. As a result, the opportunity of your business prosperity increases along with its revenue, growth and expansion.

Though your website may have all the important information and details that is necessary to link the client to your business, it is useless if it does not receive any visitor.

SEO helps you to offer your business services to huge potential customers via the use of search engine.

Why our SEO service?

There are many reasons to choose SEO services. Some of them are given below.

    • Full analysis of your Website

The first step to implement the SEO operation precisely is the full analysis of your existing website. Our company provides a world-class analysis of your website. We examine the overall size of your website content, we perform deep website assessment and we also evaluate your website with the other competitor’s website I the same business domain.

This gives us proper insight and layout to implement our comprehensive SEO strategy. The things we do the best in this step are the keyword research and analysis, engaging content and the optimization of meta-tags and titles for your website.

    • Planning and Preparation

Our aim is to provide you with a perfect website that can meet the standards and be a tool for your business growth.

To achieve this, we plan and prepare so that your website can provide you the assurance of being a perfect tool for your business. We optimize your website so that it can meet all the technical, virtual and emotional demands that are necessary to direct the user to your website, engage him/her and convert them to your customer.

With the help of outstanding web analysis and reporting tools such as Google Analytics, we measure the performance of your website in terms of page content size and page loading time.

Our analytic services also include the rectification of error messages, codes and broken links. As a result, you get a website that suits your needs, the business domain need and meets the standards of a high-quality website perfectly.

    • Website Optimization

Website optimization refers to a process where various techniques are implemented to make the website a potential marketing strategy tool for business. There are two ways to do website optimization. They differ on a controlled/internal and uncontrolled/external basis. They are:

On-page website optimization – On-page website optimization is the tool of SEO that develops the factors that are can be controlled and are used to increase a website’s ranking in the natural search results using the factors that are.

We do the on-page website optimization by coding your website’s page so that it gets noticed and better ranked by the major search engines. Our optimization includes meta descriptions, meta titles, meta keywords, H1 tags, H2 tags, proper image SEO, ALT tags, URL structure, internal linking strategy, engaging content, keyword density and site maps – both XML and user-facing.

This gets your website appropriately indexed for the search engine and makes your website appear first in the natural search engine result. This makes your website a better target for a wide customer audience. Hence, increasing your business revenue.

Off-page Website Optimization – Off-page website optimization is totally opposite of on-page optimization. It is an SEO tool that establishes the factors cannot be controlled but can certainly improve a website’s ranking in the unpaid search result.

We create, develop, provide and maintain off-page optimization techniques for your website. Our off-page optimization services include link building technique, social media optimization, content marketing, social bookmarking, search engine submission, cross-linking and business review.

These techniques lay a combined effort in generating more traffic for your website from various other sources on the internet.

The flow of great traffic on your website also improves your website’s search engine ranking in the unpaid search result.

Link Building

Nothing can build up ranks on SERPs faster than good quality links from other high ranked websites. From the viewpoint of SEO, good backlinks boost rankings as well as direct traffic to the website. We at RankPen will supplement your website with links from multiple websites that are relevant to your field of business. This will help you gain more traffic similar in nature to your niche audience, beside increasing your website’s page rank.

Ethical Link Building

RankPen stresses on the importance of following ethical link building practise since our intention is to give permanent solutions for the long run. While tempting as they may sound, links obtained through unethical or black hat SEO techniques will do more harm than good for your website, and often websites indulging in such practices are severely punished by search engines.

How We Help

Through our link building services, your website will obtain traffic that is already searching for information related to your products and services. By placing links at strategic places throughout the web, it will become easier for you to gain large traffic and sell your business to them. This is done by:

Unidirectional Link Building

Your website will get links and traffic from other websites without any traffic going the other way.

Bi-directional Link Building

Your website will share links with other websites, which means that while you will receive traffic from other sites, you will also direct your traffic to them.

Resource Link Building

Links to your website will be placed within parts of the content on other websites that are relevant to your business.

Guest Blogging

One of the most popular methods of obtaining high-quality links, our team will publish guest blogs on reputed websites and in return will place links that direct traffic to you.

Directory Listing

There are a number of online directories where people visit and search for specific services. Our team will list your website in such directories thus allowing people to visit your website, and hence your business.

Our Link Building professionals will promote your website by placing links on other online portals thus giving you more traffic. The increased traffic gives you a golden chance to increase your conversions. Search engines also give more value to websites that are a part of we clean and well-built link network and awards them with more link juice. This is more effective and advantageous than having hundreds of poor quality links from shady sources that have little or no value in the eyes of search engines, nor will they fetch you any traffic.

Regular Recap and Reporting

To make sure you stay on the top of what is going on, our team will send you regular reports that will inform you how much your website is profiting through the links we provide you. You will have data related to traffic, rankings, and conversions at your fingertips, making you an important part of the process.

Google Penalty Assessment And Recovery Services

Have you recently received a warning for unnatural links on your Google Analytics? Or has your organic traffic suddenly dropped for your money-making keywords? Or worst, you are unable to find your website on Google? If yes, then it’s likely that your website has received penalties from Google.

With the ongoing drive by major search engines such as Google to clean the web of spam content and unethical SEO practices, sometimes even those websites which have unintentionally breached Google’s guidelines are punished in the process. Since the release of Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithms, several websites have seen huge dips in their traffic and rankings, and online businesses have taken a hit. But there are ways through which recovery can be made and high rankings can be regained.

RankPen penalty assessment services can analyze and determine the root causes behind your site’s sudden downfall. Our team can figure out the areas which are lacking and not complying with Google’s prescribed standards. RankPen website recovery process involves:

  • Link analysis
  • Anchor text analysis
  • On-page optimization
  • Spam removal from the website
  • Content auditing
  • Correcting over-optimization of website

Panda Recovery

RankPen specializes in diagnosing websites that have lost traffic and rankings due to Google’s Panda update. All is not lost if you have suffered the same fate. Our team can turn around the performance of your stuttering website and restore its rankings by modifying its content, design, meta tags, backlinks, and anchor text.

We will also make efforts to further promote your website and increase its visibility online to fetch more traffic.

Penguin Recovery

Our recovery experts can cure your Penguin hit website by scrutinizing shady links and getting them removed. Link removal can be an arduous task when there are thousands of links to monitor, plus there can be very old links that are not easily removed. This is where the experience and the skills of our team come into play. Any link that fails to meet up with Google’s definition for a genuine or natural link will be filtered and disavowed.

Best Services At Best Prices

Our packages for penalty assessment, website recovery, and link removal services are the most competitive in the market in terms of pricing. You will get regular updates and reports from our team to make you aware of the developments happening with your website. Our detailed reports will consist of the steps taken by us and the progress made by your website on search engine rankings.

Having years of experience in helping our clients save their websites from penalties and traffic losses, RankPen brings the assurance of best results to clients.

Contact us to know more about our service packages. Our representatives will guide you along the way.

Link Removal and Disavow

RankPen specializes in removing bad quality backlinks from websites which cause drop in rankings and bring penalties from search engines. The link removal process is a long and continuous process where all the backlinks to a website are firstly audited and then the ones which are not in the spirit of the guidelines laid by Google are removed or disavowed.

Our Process

Our team will analyze your website and filter out all such dubious backlinks. Once we have made a list of all such links, you will receive a report for approval, after which we will proceed with our removal service. We at RankPen employ manual link removal technique to maintain maximum accuracy of the process and to get you the best results. We do not rely on automatic link removal tools which cannot be relied upon to do this type of work in the best manner. This unique feature makes us stand above all other services out there.

We have a dedicated team that works round the clock to contact owners of domains which have links to our clients’ website. For old links, it can be difficult to get hold of the domain owners, but our team can find ways to contact them and request them to remove the backlinks. You will constantly get an update on the entire process through our reports which are sent through email. You can also get in touch with the team assigned for your task for all your queries.

Over the years we have helped hundreds of satisfied clients get rid of harmful backlinks from their websites, thus getting their penalties removed or reduced to a great extent. Our process is designed strategically so that your website recovers from poor rankings as soon as possible.

Privileges Of Being A Client Of RankPen

Quick and Quality Service

Once you hand over your website to us, just sit and watch while our team applies its experience and skills to remove backlinks from your website and present to you a much cleaner and better performing version.

Customized Service

We have a number of service plans to suit clients who have different needs. From small websites to large ones, we handle them all. And we handle them with equal importance.

Competitive Pricing

We offer our services at very competitive prices and you will find that what you get in return is always more than what you pay for. You can contact us and know more about our special packages and discover the ones which are best for your profile.

Time-Bound Delivery

We at RankPen work towards delivering results to our clients within the agreed-upon time period so that their online business does not suffer too much due to the penalties imposed on them by Google.

Contact us now to discover more on how our link removal services can help your website regain its lost sheen.

Local SEO, Local Search engine optimization, local listings, local listings optimization

How do you plan to reach your local target audience? It is the local search engine optimization that can help you draw maximum traffic to your website. Provided that your customers are located in different regions, so we at RankPen SEO will ensure that your website is well-optimized to reach the local consumers.

We will make it easier for your audience to find you among various other websites that the web is being occupied with. We have highly qualified experts who excel in performing local SEO and would take pride in preparing an incredible strategy for optimizing your site.

What does Local SEO stand for?

Local SEO is centered towards providing the users with relevant results that are specific to their current location. Let’s say you wish to dine out with your family tonight at the ‘best restaurant’ in your city, so Google will instantly come up with a whole list of restaurants that are nearest to your location. Though hundreds of websites will appear as search results only the top few will win the race for they will the most visited ones.

Most of the businesses have already realized the importance of local search engine optimization and have begun to make the most out of the benefits it offers. So what are you waiting for? With our experienced team, we will make sure that you top the local listings on your target keywords.

Our local SEO practices have been a great success among smartphone users as well. Instead of using desktops consumers these days are more interested in accessing the Internet through their phones. So you can pretty easily become the favorite brand of the consumers by investing in this excellent tool of Internet marketing.

Yes, local SEO is becoming increasingly important with each passing day, and soon will come a time when it will play an integral role in your long-term business goals.

Why should you use local SEO for your business?

Most of the firms these days prefer to provide their audience with a location, and if you are also among these companies then local SEO will work as a cherry on the cake for you. Your consumers will be lured if you get your site optimized according to the specific regions they live in. So when a user searches for a particular product or service that you happen to provide, they will be able to find your site easily.

One of the biggest advantages of local SEO is that it can tremendously increase your online visibility. And this would ultimately result in more traffic and better sales. Without disturbing your marketing budget you will receive the best ROI.

Our motto is to draw relevant traffic to your website through the master plan prepared for local SEO of your website.

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