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With RankPen email marketing services, reach out to a vast group of audience and target more potential customers online. Tell your audience about your newest product launch, brand initiatives, offers and anything else with direct access to their email inbox. This inexpensive form of online marketing is a great way to start your digital marketing venture and reap higher rewards.

Our digital marketing team helps you keep a track of the number of people who reach out to you through your email newsletter, the number of people who converted, how much you gained and what was your return on investment, all through our latest monitoring tools.

RankPen has single-handedly launched and managed successful email marketing campaigns for multiple businesses belonging to different fields of interests. Our easy and affordable email marketing solutions can give your brand high exposure among your niche audience.

We have a specialist team of email marketers and writers who are adept at understanding your goals and needs, thus developing customized email marketing solutions to deliver you the targets you want.

How We Work


We figure out the audience that is most suited for your email campaign. The geographical location, background, tastes, habits of the audience is taken into account. We also find the best time to reach to your audience so that maximum number of responses can be achieved.


To make sure your campaign emails are not taken as spam by your audience, we come up with focus points for the emails that can quickly grab the attention of the viewer and engage him or her, all within a first few seconds.

Email Template Design

Our team will come up with the perfect design that will highlight and deliver your message as well as maintain the interest of the audience. The theme of the email, the content, the links and the images are selected and placed in a manner that is structured and pleasing to the eyes of the viewer.


Our reporting team will pull out all the data from our monitoring tools and tell you how effective your campaign has been, how many clicks were made, the bounce rate, and other relevant metrics.

Why Us?

As our client, you will get the services of one of the best search engine marketing companies around. You can contact our team at any time and get more clarity on any doubts you might have. You will get regular updates and reports from us to keep you up to date with the latest happenings regarding your email marketing campaign.

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